Molly Mastel


Molly Mastel

Bachelor in Environmental Health
University of Washington, Seattle


Most Important Achievement

My most important achievement is the time I spent at my last job developing safety and emergency programs. I ensured that everything I worked on met or exceeded the standards of the area.

Professional aspirations

My professional aspirations are to find new and innovative ways to bring together environmental health and sustainability.


Land Use Change and Health in the Peruvian Amazon
In recent years, there has been an increasing migrant population into the Amazon region. Settlers are often pursuing job opportunities via mining and farming, or seeking land for their families. These activities, along with construction related to resource gathering and infrastructure creation, have led to deforestation, pollution, and health problems associated with living in large groups near recently developed land. While there has been research done on these issues, it has not been well synthesised, and this knowledge is not often used to educate the people living in the communities most impacted by land use change.
Specific aims:
1. Describe the linkages between land use change and human health in the Amazon region through a systematic review of research.
2. Train teachers in Madre de Dios about how to utilize storyboards as active teaching/learning tools.
3. Train teachers about specific health and land use change topics relevant to the communities they will be working in.
4. Educate children in the Madre de Dios about health topics via teacher utilization of storyboards.



























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