Christopher Westgard



Christopher Westgard

Master of Public Policy
University of Washington – Seattle, Washington


Research Interests

I am most interested in global health policy development and advocacy. I hope to develop policies to control zoonotic diseases, improve sanitation, and alleviate hunger. I enjoy conducting implementation research to improve program design, moving policies through the appropriate political channels, and managing policy implementation.

Most Important Achievement

One of my proudest moments is obtaining the support of the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Agriculture in Peru to conduct my research and adopt my findings to improve their control program for Echinococcosis.


Community-Based One Health Agent to Control Echinococcosis in the Peruvian Highlands
We aimed to implement a community-based intervention to control Echinococcus granulosus in rural communities. Community members will be elected and trained to become a “Community One Health Agent” (COHA). They will help control the disease by distributing dog dewormer medication, teaching Echinococcosis prevention methods, and delivering other human and animal health messages relevant to the region. The COHA will deliver the antiparasitic praziquantel (PZQ) and health messages to the dog owners in their communities. The strategy is meant to be more sustainable, cost-effective, and acceptable in the natural community setting than other traditional strategies.
Specific aims:
1. To reduce the frequency of E. granulosus infections in dogs.
2. To demonstrate that training community members to distribute the dewormer is an effective control strategy.
3. To determine the cost-effectiveness of the proposed intervention.
4. To improve knowledge about Echinococcosis and diseases prevention by community members.























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