Hilary Zetlen


Master in Public Health
University of Washington, Seattle

Kuskaya Research Project
Identifying Expectations of Indigenous Scholars from Beca 18 (a National Scholarship Program)



Most Important Achievement

My most important personal achievement is probably the time I spent abroad as UW Bonderman Travel Fellow between graduate and medical school. I traveled alone through South Asia, East and Southern Africa, and South America over a period of 9 months. During that time, I did public and environmental health work in Uganda and Bangladesh and worked as an agricultural volunteer in India, in addition to a variety of other adventures. My time as a fellow was invaluable both in terms of professional experience in international health and community engagement as well as personal development as an aspiring physician and public health worker.


Professional aspirations

My career goals are to work as both a clinician and public health researcher. My residency plans are still TBD - I have interests in internal medicine, pediatrics, critical care, and surgery. Whatever I path I choose as a physician, I hope to integrate this with my interests global health research and issues related to reproductive health, environmental health, and education.






























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