Natalia Adrian


Natalia Adrian

Bachelor in Communication for Development

Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Lima, Peru


Most Important Achievement

My biggest achievement is to have finished my thesis and have had the opportunity to intern for a summer in Brazil. These experiences have made me grow as a person and developed my career.

Professional aspirations

I would like to research the needs and problems of public health in my country and find solutions for people living in vulnerable conditions. Also, I want to study abroad for a master's degree and continue traveling the world and in my country.


Public Spaces and Well-being in the Elderly
The aim of the proposal is to examine how spontaneous dance collective activities in public spaces affects well-being in older adults.
We will develop a randomized controlled study in parks in the district of San Martin de Porres (Lima, Perú) with an intervention dance group twice a week for a period of 14 weeks. We will measure subjective well-being and functionality in order to compare the effects of the program on people who participate in the activity and people who do not.
This research project aims to explore the impacts of recreational activities in public spaces to older adults in Peru.























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