Karin Alania


Karin Alania

Bachelor in Social Communication
Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Peru


Most Important Achievement

My main professional achievement is to develop my career in Communications from a holistic view. From this perspective I have built strong bridges of relations in different teams in which I participated.

Professional aspirations

As a professional, my goal is that Social Communication is not perceived as a tool but as a coordinating and transverse axis, which can serve, efficiently, the strategic objectives of companies and institutions.


An Evaluation of a Public Health Training Program for Peruvian Journalists of Print Media
Within the existing literature, public health is a pending topic that needs to be addressed by the larger media agenda in Peru since the news that are currently provided in written media sources only focus on general themes about health and offer brief information with minimal depth. Therefore, an investigation will be conducted with 12 newspapers in 9 cities of Peru that were selected due to their large population size. The general objective of this investigation is to explore if there is a change in the newspaper coverage regarding public health-related themes after Peruvian newspaper journalists participate in a specialized training. To better understand the newspaper coverage and narrative related to public health issues, a six-month compilation of the news coverage related to public health in the 12 selected newspapers will be achieved along with a content analysis. The newspaper sources will be divided into an intervention group and a control group. A training program will be implemented for the journalists in the intervention group. The program will be design after obtaining and analyzing the information from in-depth interviews conducted with editors and journalists from the newspaper sources. After the training program, we will gather and analyze the contents of the 12 newspapers from the 3 months after the intervention of the training program. A comparison of the data before and after the training will be achieved to document if there was an increase in the number of public health stories written in the newspapers from the intervention group versus the newspapers in the control group.























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