Camila Gálvez



Camila Gálvez

Bachelor in Architecture
Universidad de Lima, Lima, Peru


Most Important Achievement

My main objective is to contribute to social development through sustainable urbanism, improving public spaces and cultural integration.

Professional aspirations

Master of Public Health Internal Medicine Fellow Interventional Cardiology Fellow PhD in Cardiovascular Research and Epidemiology


Kuska-Rumi Wasi: Housing for Better Health
Studies have found that some architectural characteristics of rural housing increase the risk for vector-borne diseases, the aim of our study is to evaluate the improvement of architectural features of rural houses, in reducing the risk of vector-borne diseases, such as Bartonella or "Peruvian wart" and Leishmania or "uta" diseases.
The study takes place in the rural community of "Nuevo Kaqui" in the province of Casma, 7hrs north of Lima. The architectural characteristics of the community would be collected, then a workshop with the community would take place, community participation is very important, and together, the house modifications would be elected. Implementation of the modifications would be done as well with the community. vector density would be testes with light traps and that is going to be our main outcome
Specific aims:
1. Characterize the architectural characteristics of the rural houses of Nuevo Kaqui community.
2. Explore the community preferences for architectural modifications.
3. Evaluate the house characteristics improvement in relation of vector density.























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