Veronika Merino


Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia - Lima, Peru

Kuskaya Research Project
Identifying Barriers to the Control of Echinococcosis: Implementation Research on Control Strategies in Peru

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Research Interests
I am interested in research topics related to control and prevention of zoonotic diseases.


Most Important Achievement
My most important achievement to this moment has been receiving the Pedro N. Acha Award for Excellence in Veterinary Public Health from the Panamerican Health Organization (PAHO) and the Panamerican Health and Education Foundation (PAHEF). I received that award for the thesis that I presented to obtain my DVM degree in 2013.


Professional aspirations
In the future I would like to work in veterinary public health as well as practice Veterinary Medicine as a Surgeon. I believe that I will be able to balance both of my professional passions.


What do you appreciate about the KUSKAYA experience?
In Kuskaya, I am able to network and meet with representatives of different organizations and Ministries, which will be of benefit in the future when I get involved or would want to get involved in other projects. Our project allowed us to travel around the highlands of Peru and experience first-hand the cultural and geographical diversity in Peru.






























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