Sam Sudar



PhD Candidate in Computer Science
University of Washington – Seattle, Washington

Kuskaya Research Project
Integrating Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) and Pharmacies to Detect Tuberculosis in El Agustino, Peru
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Research Interests
I am interested in building mobile systems. This includes mobile systems that can function in resource-constrained environments around the world and amplify human and technical resources. Currently, this has me building information management tools and app creation frameworks for Android devices.


Most Important Achievement
I would say my most important achievement is having been lucky enough to travel. I've lived on three continents while studying (including North America), traveled for a year on a scholarship, and have been lucky enough to travel more for my work. This has been very enriching, and if I died tomorrow I would still feel like I'd been pretty fortunate.


Professional aspirations
I want to build mobile systems that work in resource-constrained environments around the world.


What do you appreciate about the KUSKAYA experience?
As Kuskaya Fellows we are not just in Peru working on a project, we are fully integrated with one of the best global health departments on the continent. Working with a cohort of like-minded peers with the expertise of the department behind us has given me skills and connections I wouldn't have been able to achieve without the program.

































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