Mariella Siña



Master in Environmental Chemistry
Umeå University - Sweden

Kuskaya Research Project
Prioritizing Actions to Adapt To and Mitigate Climate Change: Development of a Tool for Municipal Use to Analyze Return on Investment Based on Health and Environmental Effects
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Research Interests
My previous research experience includes the use of Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon for environmental forensics, the development of an ecotoxicological method for the assessment of soils polluted with particle bound hydrophobic contaminants, and a collaboration to research Pb and Cd exposure in indigenous populations in the Peruvian Amazon. I have worked as an environmental specialist performing environmental impact assessments, especially in the transportation sector. My research interests include climate change, water and sanitation, community interventions, urban air pollution, and environmental assessments.


Most Important Achievement
Among my most important professional achievements is being awarded with the Best Master
Thesis of 2011 by the Clean Soil Network in Sweden (Renare Mark Nätverket). Additionally, I was able to implement biological testing on drinking water in situ in indigenous communities in the Peruvian Amazon jungle, which was an important achievement for the challenge it represented.


Professional aspirations
In the future I would like to continue working as a researcher in the field of environmental health and community interventions in Peru. I also intend to continue my education to obtain a PhD.


What do you appreciate about the KUSKAYA experience?
Kuskaya has been a great opportunity to do applied research in Peru, with support from mentors and colleagues at the national and international level. Recently, as part of Kuskaya`s team, I was given the opportunity to participate at COP20 and to present our work among several highly recognized and very experienced researchers in the field of climate change.





























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