Jorge Gustavo Hernández Córdova


Medical Doctor
Universidad Nacional De San Antonio Abad- Cusco, Peru

Kuskaya Research Project
Integrating Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) and Pharmacies to Detect Tuberculosis in El Agustino, Peru

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Research Interests
The fields of research that particularly interest me are high altitude medicine and infectious diseases. I am interested in the use of operational research, implementation science and telemedicine to get the breakthrough knowledge sooner to the point of care, for example, using information and communications technologies to fight against tuberculosis, neglected infectious diseases such as leishmaniasis or cystic hydatid disease. I want to use the newest tools available to solve our most chronic problems.


Most Important Achievement
One of the most important milestones was graduating from the medical school. It represented both the end and a new beginning of very important chapters in my personal and professional life and has allowed me access to new opportunities like the Kuskaya Fellowship.


Professional aspirations
I hope to continue in the global health research pathway related to health conditions in Peru, as well as pursue teaching.


What do you appreciate about the KUSKAYA experience?
Through Kuskaya I have a more complete and multidisciplinary view of health and have gotten to know many supportive and wonderful mentors, colleagues and friends. I firmly believe that the training I have been receiving in Kuskaya gives me not only the practical abilities I need as a new researcher but also training for life.































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