Bachelor in Economics
Universidad del Pacifico - Lima, Peru

Kuskaya Research Project
Prioritizing Actions to Adapt To and Mitigate Climate Change: Development of a Tool for Municipal Use to Analyze Return on Investment Based on Health and Environmental Effects
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Research Interests
Economics and Health: Health care system management, Strategies to reform; Economic Impact evaluation for Interventions in Health System. Public health policies


Most Important Achievement
I´m proud that I´ve been able to pursue my passion – research – though the road has been difficult and I´ve faced people who didn’t believe or think that it possible to pursue it.


Professional aspirations
Research is the first step to generate change. I want to work in bringing evidence-based public policies to improve the living conditions of the Peruvian population. In the near future, I plan to pursue a Master in Political Science in order to better understand the political and economic system and translate my research work into concrete actions.


What do you appreciate about the KUSKAYA experience?

Kuskaya is a great platform for capacity-building, discovering new and exciting knowledge, and meeting new people. In less than a year I’ve participated in an uncountable number of events, conferences, seminars, classes, and meetings with people that have opened my perspective. This is what I have enjoyed the most: the possibility to discover new things and look beyond where I was.



















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