Christopher Westgard



Master of Public Policy
University of Washington – Seattle, Washington

Kuskaya Research Project
Identifying Barriers to the Control of Echinococcosis: Implementation Research on Control Strategies in Peru

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Research Interests
I am most interested in global health policy development and advocacy. I hope to develop policies to control zoonotic diseases, improve sanitation, and alleviate hunger. I enjoy conducting implementation research to improve program design, moving policies through the appropriate political channels, and managing policy implementation.


Most Important Achievement
One of my proudest moments is obtaining the support of the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Agriculture in Peru to conduct my research and adopt my findings to improve their control program for echinococcosis.


Professional aspirations
In the future, I hope to work with international organizations to help inform government agencies on best practices for the improvement of public health and manage the implementation of large public health projects.


What do you appreciate about the KUSKAYA experience?
Kuskaya has given me the opportunity to explore my professional aspirations through the form of exploratory research. Through defining my project, I was able to explore different options and objectives for what I wanted to accomplish. Incidentally, the process helped define what I want to accomplish in my career as a global health professional. The connections that the Kuskaya Fellowship provided allowed me to dream big and realize what is possible if you are talking to the right people. I have enjoyed the professional support I have received through numerous connections, and the administrative support that has made my project manageable.





















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