Fogarty KUSKAYA Fellowship


KUSKAYA means "working together" in Quechua, a Peruvian native language.

The Fogarty KUSKAYA Fellowship provides post-doctorate level or terminal degree (Master’s or PhD) students from diverse disciplines with specialized training to enhance Leadership, Innovation, Implementation Science skills, international relations, business models, implementation science, and policy analysis while completing a 12-month project in Peru. 


The Fogarty KUSKAYA Program will offer Fellowships to US and Peruvian students.  US and Peruvian Fellows will be paired and collaboratively design and implement research projects examining innovative products and processes addressing real health issues in Peru. Examples of projects KUSKAYA Fellows could work on include developing innovative social business models to promote uptake of point-of-care diagnostic tests to improve health; adapting private sector distribution models for provision of medicines and health services in geographically challenging areas; testing human resource management models to lessen brain drain of health professionals in Peru, and other low-resource settings; and using information and communication technologies to track public health threats and respond in a more timely and effective manner.


Fellow requirements:

  • Post-doctoral or terminal-year graduate student (e.g. PhD, PharmD, MS, MPH, MBA, MPA, MSW)
  • United States or Peruvian residents or citizens
  • Interest in exploring and addressing broad socioeconomic, political, and technological aspects of disease prevention and management in Peru
  • Enrollment in a Global Health course from March 2017 to June 2017 for preliminary preparation of the research proposal
  • Full-time commitment to research project from July 2017 to June 2018
  • Proficient written and spoken Spanish and English


Fellowship details:

Three months prior to traveling to Peru (March 2017), US and Peruvian Fellows will participate in a binational Global Health course through videoconferencing in order to gather preliminary information and develop an interdisciplinary research project to examine a health-related issue, condition or policy in Peru. These projects will not focus solely on medical solutions and will be appropriate for students with skills in health sciences, business, computer science, biotechnology, bioengineering, public policy, implementation science or international affairs, among others.

Full-time participation in a 12-month long training program and research project in Peru beginning July 2017, covering topics including leadership, implementation science, health sciences, business models, policy analysis, biotechnology, bioengineering, and international affairs in Peru with participants from a participating Peruvian Universities. 

Fogarty KUSKAYA Fellows will be mentored through the presentation and publication of their research projects. At the end of the Fellowship, Fellows will present their projects. 


Fellowship benefits:

  • An annual stipend for living expenses while in Peru
  • Mentoring from faculty and staff at the University of Washington and the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia in Lima, Peru.
  • Research project funds and work laptop
  • Round-trip airfare (US-Lima) for US Fellows


Evaluation criteria for Kuskaya Fellows:

Fellows should demonstrate the following characteristics: leadership, maturity, flexibility, teamwork, initiative, ability to think outside-the-box, and strong writing ability. Preferred candidates will have published in peer-reviewed journals.


How to apply:

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2017-2018 Kuskaya Fellowship.










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