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One of the goals of KUSKAYA is to strengthen and expand interdisciplinary partnerships by offering the Innovations in Global Health Seminars. The Seminars are held the third Friday of every month and provide the opportunity for researchers and students to present on important topics in global health, share works-in-progress and successes, discuss barriers and network.


Impacts of HIV in Resource-Limited Settings   April 15, 2016 Lima, Peru

Douglas Heimburger - Nutrition and HIV in Resource-Limited Settings

Deanna Zhu - HIV Co-Infection with Plasmodium vivax and Other Parasites in the Peruvian Amazon 11/2015 - 12/2016


Well-being and Health in Vulnerable Communities   March 18, 2016 Lima, Peru

Gwenyth Lee - The Effects of Social Network on Food Security and Child Malnutrition in the Peruvian Amazon Basin

Gabriela Salmon-Mulanovich - Vulnerability in Welfare and Health in Communities along the Interoceanic Highway, Madre de Dios, Peru


Urban Experiments: Renewing Lima towards Sustainability  February 19, 2016 Lima, Peru

Teresa Belkow - Interrupting Urban 'Risk Traps': Integrating Knowledge and Investment for Just and Resilient Planning and Development in Lima

Mariella Siña - SARHA: Consulting Service for Reducing the Environmental Footprint in Households and Businesses


Clinical Research in Peru: Achievements and Challenges   January 29, 2016 Lima, Peru

Rosario Valer - Clinical Research in Peru: Achievements and Challenges

Paola Rondán - Dyslipidemia in HIV-infected Patients on Antiretroviral Therapy


Health Situation Analyses for Rural Communities   November 20, 2015 Lima, Peru

Alfonso Nino - Developing a Health Situation Analysis for Rural Communities

Mateo Prochazka - Opportunities to Improve Patient Retention in HIV Treatment Programs at the National Hospital Cayetano Heredia 


Interdisciplinary Mentoring in Global Health   October 16, 2015 Lima, Peru

Joseph Zunt - Interdisciplinary Mentoring in Global Health

Luis Menacho - Reflections on Mentoring 


Integrated Approaches to Improve Child and Household Health: Lessons from Latin America   May 11, 2015 Lima, Peru

Daniel Mausezahl - Integrated Approaches to Improve Child and Household Health: Lessons from Latin America

Sarah-Blythe Ballard - "Targeting Populations for Norovirus Vaccination" 


Health Technologies: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly   April 17, 2015 Lima, Peru

Robert Gilman - Health Technologies: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Kei Alegria-Flores - "Complex Systems: An Innovative Approach to Improve Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis Treatment Adherence"

Stella Hartinger - "System and Household Level Approaches to Improve Maternal, Newborn and Child Health"


Introduction to Research Integrity and RCR   January 30, 2015 Lima, Peru

Nino Arias - "Introduction to Research Integrity and Research Ethics and Responsible Conduct of Research: From a Veterinarian´s Perspective"

Gwenyth Lee - "Relationship of social networks, household mobility, to food security and childhood undernutrition in the Peruvian Amazon"

Cynthia Anticona - "Lead exposure in indigenous children of the Peruvian Amazon"


Innovations in Global Health   November 21, 2014 Lima, Peru

Magaly Blas - ¨Innovations in Global Health¨

Karina Romero - ¨Asthmatics children cohort in Lima¨

Yossef Alnasser and Jacquelyn Mountcastle - ¨Nanotechnology and mHealth to Reach the Smallest and the Furthest¨


Interdisciplinary Mentoring in Global Health   October 23, 2014 Lima, Peru

Joseph Zunt - ¨Interdisciplinary Mentoring in Global Health¨

Magaly Blas - ¨Reflections on Mentoring¨

Miguel Chavez - ¨Lung ultrasound as a point-of-care approach for diagnosis of pneumonia in children under 5 years old¨





KUSKAYA Innovation in Global Health Symposium   June 18, 2015 Lima, Peru




Global Health in the 21st Century: A Perspective from the Fogarty International Center   February 18, 2015 Lima, Peru



I Annual Symposium ONE HEALTH: The Intersection between Animal, Human, and Environmental Health   September 16, 2014 Lima, Peru




Inauguration of the KUSKA CENTER and "Innovations in Global Health" Conference   April 4, 2014 Lima, Peru




KUSKAYA External Advisory Board meeting   April 3, 2014 Lima, Peru

Meeting Agenda



UPCH WORKSHOP - Helping Our Students Learn: Considering New Approaches and Methods   March 18-21, 2014 Lima, Peru

Workshop Agenda

















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