Fiorella Guerrero



Fiorella Guerrero

Master in Sociology
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Lima, Peru


Most Important Achievement

On a professional level, my most important achievement has been to complete the Master’s Degree in Sociology with Mention in Development and so insert myself professionally in this sector, despite coming from a different professional field: Electronic Engineering. On a personal level, keeping good balance and continue to grow interpersonally, familiarly and spiritually in midst of multiple challenges and responsibilities are important achievements for me.

Professional aspirations

During the period of the Kuskaya Fellowship, I seek to contribute to the Peruvian public health system to improve the attention to users though a multidisciplinary project, to learn in the fields where the fellowships provide complementary training( eg leadership in Global Health, business models, among others), and to form new and collaborative relationships for future innovations.


ARMADILLO – Adolescent Reproductive Mobile Access and Delivery Initiative for Love and Life Outcomes

There is a high unmet need for sexual and reproductive health (SRH) information and services among adolescents and youth (ages 13-24) worldwide. With the proliferation of mobile technology, and its popularity with this age group, mobile phones offer a novel and accessible platform for a discreet, on-demand service providing SRH information. The Adolescent/Youth Reproductive Mobile Access and Delivery Initiative for Love and Life Outcomes (ARMADILLO) study will explore the effectiveness, functionality and acceptability of an intervention, which will use SMS (text messages) to deliver SRH information on-demand to Peruvian adolescents.

Specific objectives:

1. Implement the text messaging platform on sexual and reproductive health that contains topics and messages developed with and validated by young people.

2. Evaluate the effectiveness of the platform for improving knowledge and test its functionality and acceptability among adolescents.























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