Andrea Rivas


Andrea Rivas

Medical Doctor
Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Lima, Peru


Most important achievement

My most notable accomplishment in this stage of my career is working in a promising public health project guided by outstanding researchers in an area I’m particularly interested in. Additionally, I really appreciate having an excellent mentor and being part of a research team where I can fully develop my personal and academic skills.

Professional aspirations

First, I expect to improve my research skills with training, and to learn the best strategies to implement sustainable programs in the community, based on the former experience of the mentors involved. Second, I’d like to share my ideas with my peers, in order to exchange our challenges and to receive constructive criticism. Finally, I’m sure this enriching process will set the bedrock of a line of research and intervention.


Mama River: A maternal and newborn health programme for remote communities in the Peruvian Amazon






















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