Meghan Erkel



Meghan Erkel

Master of Public Health - Global Health
University of Washington, Seattle


Most Important Achievement

One of my most important achievement is the connections and true friendships I have made with people all over the world, who inspired me to get my MPH in Global Health from the University of Washington, of which I am extremely proud.

Professional aspirations

My career goal is to work as a program director advocating and protecting children, particularly orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs). My research interests are interconnected to allow the most vulnerable children reach their furthest potential, and how to overcome potential roadblocks that might prevent them from developmental delays, dropping out of school, or living/working in the streets.


LIBRE: Promoting child development through reading aloud together
Research shows that reading to children under three years old has a positive effect on early child development, particularly language development and acquisition of pre-reading skills. LIBRE is a shared reading program between caregivers and their infants less than 3 years old to promote language development and social/emotional development in children. This study comprises two phases:
The first phase of this research was conducted in Villa El Salvador in Lima Peru. It was an exploratory, qualitative assessment of LIBRE with two cohorts of mothers and their infants: the first included infants around the ages of 12 months and the other consisted on children around 24 months. Each mother and child receiving age appropriate children’s three books. The purpose was to gather information about reading habits within the home and to pilot the intervention.
The second phase of this research will be a randomized control trial. It will be held in primary care centers, CRED, in Lima, Peru. The proposed intervention includes each mother and child receiving age appropriate children’s books and one handout with helpful tips and information about reading to their infant. The objective of this study to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed intervention, to promote early language development and pre-reading skills in children under three years.






















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